A collection of luxury hotel residences and serviced apartments for people who demand the best.
A luxury hotel residence is an upscale full serviced facility that offers luxury amenities, full service accommodation and the highest level of personalized and professional service.  It contains excellently appointed living spaces that are conducive to both living and working with food preparing areas and catering facilities.

World Hotel Residences features only the finest, luxury hotel residences which range from serviced apartments to awe-inspiring villas.  

Serviced Apartments:  a furnished apartment normally available for medium-term or long-term stays which provide housekeeping on a weekly or more frequent basis.

Apartment Hotels:  an establishment that provides lodging in apartment-style rooms. It is similar to renting an apartment, but the length of stay varied from a few days to months or even years. Essentially, an Apartment Hotel combines the flexibility of apartment living with the service of a hotel.

Hotel and Residences or Hotel and Residential Suites:  an establishment designed to contain both individual guestrooms and residential-style suites/apartments.

Villas: a separate self-contained unit or groups of units, consisting of a living area and kitchen/kitchenette. It often comes staffed with cook, housekeeper etc.